Alexander Loginov: "It was hard to play against «Neftekhimik»"


Alexander Loginov talks about:

Moving to «Neftekhimik»
- I played in different teams in the KHL. Moving to «Neftekhimik», is a new challenge for me. I have to prove that I can play at the highest level. Sure, I was inspired when I signed a contract. After all, I began to prepare my physical condition for the new season.

Last season
- Of course, there was a certain kind of not understanding what happened. The playoffs is the thing you fight for during the season. We had a good, team. We confidently beat «Avtomobilist». We could beat «Barys» in the second round of the playoffs. In any case, I am sure this series would consist of 7 games. When we realized that this season was over, it was a disappointment for us. As it says, caution is the parent of safety.
 Games between «Neftekhimik» - «Sibir»
- Last season both teams scored a lot in the games. It was hard to play against «Neftekhimik». Neftekhimik is a strong team. I played two seasons in Novosibirsk, and it was hard to play against “wolves”. I think that the guys who in the roster of «Neftekhimik» will be leaders of the team.

The most memorable scored puck
- It is difficult to choose one of them. I scored a lot of pucks especially when I played in «Salavat Yulaev». Perhaps, the goal against “Traktor” that you posted in the official Instagram account of “Neftekhimik”. This was the second round of the Gagarin Cup.

Jersey number
- I chose number 18. I played a lot wearing this number.

 New teammates
- I know some guys, in fact, I know Alexander Kucheryavenko, who signed a contract with «Neftekhimik». I’ll meet the rest of the guys during the preseason camp.

- We have been together with my wife Ekaterina for 13 years. We have two kids. The eldest son is 7 years old, He is also playing hockey. The daughter is 3 years old. She is a smart girl in many things. My wife is ex-ballerina. Now she is professionally engaged in growing up children.

- We live outside the city. On the one hand we often go for a walk, on the other hand, I have to do a lot of in terms of prepare the house for summer. During the season there is no time to spend with my family. Therefore, I visited my parents.

 Physical condition
- I do not forget about the physical condition. I think, there are no difficulties with preparing for the season outside the city. The only thing is not enough ice. I replaced cardio training with bicycle rides: I ride every day. Also, I have a horizontal bar. The more you get older, the more you should be ready for the new season.

- I would like to wish our fans to be health. We are waiting for your support during the upcoming season!

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