Neftekhimik goaltenders Alexander Sudnitsin and Yaroslav Ozolin held a master class in Nizhnekamsk.

Rodion Gafurov (goaltending coach of the hockey school):

28 goaltenders from Neftekhimik hockey school teams took part in master class.

Sasha Petrov (Neftekhimik hockey school goaltender):

– This is the first time we have such a master class with goaltenders. It is great! The KHL goaltenders shared with us with their experience, skills, technique and skating drills that should be useful for us. I learned something new. I really like it!


Alexander Sudnitsin:

– It is great to work with children; it gives a lot of positive. You know, it is kind of memories when you was a young goalie. I am sure that it is great when players from the first team share their experience with young players. It is always helpful. You know, they are lucky. In my childhood, we did not have such kind of master classes. They try to do their best. Yaroslav and I, try to show them something new that they have not hear about. We were on the ice for more than an hour, and I enjoyed talking with these kids.


Yaroslav Ozolin:

– You know, this is the first master class for me. While there was a break for two weeks, I practices with the kids. Now we are holding a master class with Alexander Sudnitsin. It seems that they really like it! I am sure that they have a bright future in hockey. I think that it will be useful for them to learn a lot from us. I skated with the elder goalies and showed them some exercises. The younger children were more interested in what kind of helmet Alexander Sudnitsin would order for next season and what kind of pads he would have (laughs). If they're showing their interest – it is good.


Rodion Gafurov:

– I would like to thank the management of HC Neftekhimik for these master classes. Neftekhimik goaltenders held a master class here for the first time. Children with great enthusiasm and good mood took part in this master calss. It is awesome that in recent years, on the initiative of the director of HC Neftekhimik, Igor Viktorovich Larionov, the development of the goaltenders has been carried out, which we did not have before. This is a long process and it takes some time. Nevertheless, time will pass, and we will learn about the goaltenders of our school.

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