Before the game


Both team showed a great winning streak during the first half of the season. Nevertheless, after national break, they got loses.


"Vityaz" became the main surprise of September. The team beat everyone in a row, took a lead in the standings and kept it for a long time. In October "Vityaz" got a decline in gaining points. Despite this fact they still in the playoff zone. The difference in points is not so huge for both teams in their conferences.


Alexander Semin at the age of 35, shows a high-level hockey. Miro Aaltonen, who already has more than 20 points this season, and Alex Semin are the main power of the team.

 Jakub Jerabek is a Czech defenseman. He was included in the TOP-10 list (points defensemen).


The main star of the team is the head coach Mikhail Kravets. They are able to take fourth place in the conference. It has never been with them in history. The current season is full of surprises. Mikhail Kravets did a great job and the team began to play.

Previous games

The teams played 26 games. Both teams won 13 games. Now our team has a 4 games loses streak in games against "Vityaz". The last time we won in Podolsk is - on November 17, 2017 (1:2 OT).

 Let’s cheer for our team!

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