Denis Vikharev: «We will work on our mistakes»


Denis Vikharev speaks with the media after following loss against Salavat Yulaev.

Denis Vikharev:
– It's unpleasant to lose the game, even if it's an exhibition game. It's a shame to lose, but we shouldn't be upset. This is just a stage of preparation for the playoffs. We have not played for a long time, something did not work out, but we still have games to play. We will work on our mistakes.

– It has been approximately one month without playing hockey. How did it feel today?
– When you don't play for a long time, the game rhythm and physical condition are lost. Today there were a lot of technical mistakes and puck losses. We expected that. We will try to bring back our skills and to play the way we played before.

– We have five more games ...
– Yes, we still have games to play. There will be a good tournament in Kazan. We'll get in shape.

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