Family Journey to the World of Hockey


Today a special event for kids was held at the Neftekhim Arena.

Young Nizhnekamsk children and their parents came to meet the coaches of the Neftekhimik hockey school and to get to know the atmosphere of the Neftekhimik hockey club. Hockey season came to an end for Neftekhimik and Reaktor, but work continues at the Neftekhimik children's hockey school. The coaching staff of our hockey school is waiting for new players – boys born in 2018, 2019 and 2020 are invited to have practices.

Guests of our "Family Journey to the World of Hockey" were greeted by Neftekhimik mascots, who invited the children to take part in fun exercises, competitions,  and a soap bubble show.

The journey continued at the Arena, where Neftekhimik and Reaktor games are held. The guests were greeted by the director general of the hockey club Igor Larionov:
– Hockey in Russia is probably the most favorite sport. In our city there is everyone’s favorite club Neftekhimik. Today you will learn a lot about hockey, and we invite you to become part of our wolf pack.

Players of the team born in 2017 took to the ice with their head coach Yuri Ivanov and showed several exercises on skating, which they learned during the sports season at the Neftekhimik hockey school.

Probably one of the most spectacular moments in hockey is the shootout. Neftekhimik defenseman Ilya Khokhlov with his son Timofei, Neftekhimik hockey school coaches with their children – Roman and Matvei Vafin, Rustam and Tamerlan Nugumanov, Andrei, Miron and Fyodor Mukhin, Denis and Timofei Fakhrutdinov showed their shootout skills. Vladislav Rukhlyadev (Reaktor goaltender) was in the net.

– "We have a great hockey school, I am a student of Neftekhimik hockey school. I played on Reaktor team, and recently I signed a contract with HC Neftekhimik" – said Grigory Morozov.

Anyone can become a professional hockey player. In addition, hockey develops the best qualities of a human being – determination, courage, team spirit, sportsmanship, strength of character. It is hockey that will teach a child to win his place in life and face difficulties.

The Neftekhimik hockey school have 430 students from 5 to 18 years old, in 13 age groups.

Children and Neftekhimik Hockey School students participate in competitions at various levels. Eight age groups take part in the Championship competitions of the Volga Federal District, U–10 students participate in the Tournament for the prizes of the Hockey Federation of the Republic of Tatarstan, as well as in various tournaments. Over the 37 years, more than 1,700 professional hockey players have graduated from Neftekhimik hockey school.

– "I came with my son Ramazan. We love hockey so much and I support Neftekhimik and Salavat Yulaev. I am from Bashkiria (Republic of Bashkortostan). We visit games, and we want our son to be a hockey player. Here are all the conditions and all the opportunities that needed" – said Karim Agliullin.

– "My son Nikita is already studying at the Neftekhimik hockey school, and my second son Arseny made his first steps in hockey. Their dad is a hockey fan, and the guys want to connect their live with hockey. You can see it in their eyes, and this is the most important thing." – said Veronika Bobyleva.

During this special hockey event at the Neftekhim Arena, the children, as well as their parents, got a great pleasure and unforgettable emotions from what they saw.

While the event was going on, about 70 children signed up to play hockey at four age groups.

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