German Tochilkin: «That was a great game»


Neftekhimik forward German Tochilkin speaks with the media after a following 3–2.

– That was a great game. Thank God, we got a win. We will try to win as much games as possible and make the playoffs.

– Welcome to the pack! You played quite well. How would you rate your first game?

– I did not really like my game. I am sure that I can do more.

– Do you know any of the guys on your team?

– Raul and I played for the National Team. Serikov and I were teammates.

– We conceded a goal in the third period and let them spent a lot of time in our zone.

– We did some mistakes and got unnecessary penalties. Salavat Yulaev gained confidence and stormed our net. We will work on it.

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