Grigory Morozov: «It was a good game»


Reaktor captain Grigory Morozov speaks with the media after a following 4–1 win over Stalnye Lisy.

– It was a good game. Thanks to the opposing team for such a game, very emotional one. We did a good job as well as our opponent, I am grateful to both teams.

– How are the playoffs games are going?
– This kind of teamwork is built during regular season

– Everything will be decided in Magnitogorsk...
– We need to go get as far as possible, in order to extend our season. This is our first play–in and playoffs in five years. Everyone wants to stay here longer and write our own story.

– Did you feel the support of the stands today?
– Yes, sure. We are ready and very happy. Everyone has been waiting for this all season.

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