Igor Fyodorov: «I am grateful to the team for these two games»


Reaktor head coach Igor Fydorov speaks with the media after a following 7–1 win over Sputnik:

– We did not have a successful start, the home team scored first goal of the game in the first. Why? We allowed to make shots – 11:9, Sputnik players blocked a lot of our shots, their goaltender played well.

– How did you manage to change the way your team played after the first break?
– After the first we talked with the boys, they are very smart and understanding. Everything that was said was done.

– Reaktor PK unit did a great  job, they managed to score 3 goals. 
– Three shorthanded goals – we take the example of the senior Wolves (Neftekhimik), we play active hockey. I am grateful to the team for these two games. We will rest a little, smile and get ready for the home series. Congratulations on this victory to everyone!

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