Igor Fyodorov: «It was probably the hardest game emotionally»


Reaktor head coach speaks with the media after a following 2–1 win over Loko-76.

– It was probably the hardest game emotionally. In the first period, we failed and got 6 penalty minutes. Somewhere the fourth line lost the track of the game, and our special units had to be on the ice a lot. It is good that we did our best and got two points in this tough game. It was not a good game, but it is better to win a bad game than to lose with playing in a right way. We will work on our mistakes.

– Some players did not play – Reshetnikov and Fakhrutdinov.
– Two players have a fever.

– Too many penalties the team got today.
–The guys are still young, learning from mistakes, this is their first season in the JHL. They just wanted to win.

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