Igor Fyodorov: «The guys from the VHL played well and helped»


Reaktor Head Coach Igor Fyodorov speaks with the media after a following 5–4 win over Loko-76.

– It is difficult to play without defense. Our defensemen made mistakes that I do not want to talk about.

– Both games against Loko-76 had a similar scenario.

– When a defenseman cannot make a breakout and there is a mess behind him, he stumbles ... Yeah, for defensemen it takes more time to progress.

– In your opinion, did the guys from the VHL help the team?

– The guys from the VHL played well and helped. Khoruzhev scored his first JHL hat-trick. This is how they should play; lead the youth team and be an example to follow. These guys should be on the team. Thank them very much.

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