In honor of Ivan Tkachenko


In the "Cinema 5", players of HC "Neftekhimik", JHC "Reaktor" and visitors of the cinema watched the movie "Captain Nemo" ( This is nickname of Ivan Tkachenko. He did many charity things using this nickname not to show his real name). The movie is dedicated to Ivan Tkachenko, two-time Russian ice hockey champion who died in a plane crash (Yaroslavl 2011) .

Before the beginning of the session, a team of players of HC "Neftekhimik" and JHC "Reaktor", the management and staff of the club and fans were invited to the cinema. Many of those who came to wach movie personally knew Ivan. He played two seasons in "Neftekhimik".


 The director of HC “Neftekhimik” Igor Larionov, the host of the evening Evgeni Abdullin, talked about Ivan and shared with their memories when Ivan played in Nizhnekamsk and how Ivan made his mark.



After this, all visitors joined a competition and were asked to answer questions about his games in "Neftekhimik". How many games Tkachenko played in "Neftekhimik" and "Neftekhimik-2", how many points he got in these games. Winners received prizes - complimentary tickets.

Many hockey players and fans were with their families.

- I want my child to know who he was and how Ivan made many good things in his life.


We can see the line of his life during the whole movie. Many of us knew that he faced a lot of obstacles in his hockey career. When Alexander Podmetalin, the first coach of Ivan, began to talking about Ivan with all his emotions, many people were crying. Many people talk about the hero of the movie: Coach Vladimir Vuytek, hockey players: Alexander Guskov, Yan Peterek, Evgenue Malkin, Alexei Yashin, Alex Ovechkin, priest Vladimir, Ivan's parents. It also represents the period of Vanya’s career when he played in Nizhnekamsk.


Why is the film about him? Probably because Ivan was an example of a real human being. A man who was an example of compassion, an example of how spiritual simplicity can save many lives. In addition, it is not just about money at all. Vanya was able to support by saying right words in difficult times.

The film aroused many emotions - from the joy, that he was a great person, to tears. When the movie came to an end applause in honor of Ivan Tkachenko did not stop for a long time...


We would like to thank the all movie staff for their great work, and for creating a film that will make us better.

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