Jonas Enlund : " I had a long break in my career"


- How was you met by your teammates? What is the atmosphere in the locker room?

Well, it was 6 weeks ago, after 6 game losing streak, we started win after this. It was good, teammates were very nice.

- How did you find out about the offer to go to the "Neftekhimik"?

One day my agent called me, said that "Neftekhimik" interested to sign me. I said: "Yes, of course".

- Juuso Puustinen and Jonas Nattinen played with you in the national team. Did you speak with them before accepting the offer?

No, I talked with them one day … 1 year ago before they came here. They said that everything is good.

- Do you think that you started good here? Despite the fact that there was a long break, you have 5 points in 10 games. (date of interview :11/25/19)

There was a long break, first days were a little hard……

- The team won 10 games before the break. Now we lost 3 games. Is there any pressure because of it and what needs to be done to start winning again?

Of course, we want win next game against "Kunlun RS", we cannot lose anymore, and we just need to play better in defense, not let other teams to score many goals.

-What are you doing before the game to be in a good mood and to win the game?

I don’t have any special ritual, just eat well, and try to focus on the game.

- In one of the interviews you mentioned that you started playing football, but you chose hockey. Why?

 I was better in hockey.

- Do you follow any football clubs? Do you know that the Finnish soccer national team entered the European Championship for the first time in history?

 Of course I know, it is a huge thing. Everybody loves football in Finland.

- Do you like any other kinds of sport?

 I like golf.

- In “Sibir”, it seems that Yori Lehteria gave you the nickname Enska. Do you have something like that here?

 I had this nickname before "Sibir". Here my teammates call me Enza.

-Is your family in Helsinki now? Are you going to move them here?

 Yeah, my family in Helsinki. You know, there is a school, friends, it is hard to change.

- Russia is almost your second home. You lived here and played for 10 years. How is it going with Russian language?

 I think, I should speak better, I understand, but I cannot say. I understand hockey language.

- Do you understand something or you trying to communicate more in English?

 I tried to communicate in Russian, my teammates started speak English with me. It is good.

- How do you spend your free time in Nizhnekamsk? Maybe you get together with the team?

 Yeah, we go eat dinners, nothing special, so many games, just try to rest.

- What is your favorite dish?

 In Russia? Borsch!

- What is your favorite place for vacation?

It depends on my mood, maybe it will be some beach or city, I don’t have any special place.

- What kind of music do you prefer?

 I like everything, actually, rock mostly. I heard songs of Viktor Tsoi.

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