Kirill Urakov: «I liked the game»


Neftekhimik player Kirill Urakov speaks with the media after a following 4–3 overtime win over Torpedo.

– Did you like this game?
– I liked the game. At first there was excitement because it was my first time playing road game against Torpedo. The beginning, it seemed, was not easy for me. The game went well and I am very glad that I brought this victory to the team.

– When you moved from Torpedo to Neftekhimik, you said that you would keep your emotions locked. In games, at least.
– I will not lie, I did not keep it for 100%. Later, I did it.

– You scored a game–winning goal in overtime.
– I skated to the right position. Their defenseman did not have time, and I took advantage of this.

– I think you heard that many people supported you today.
– Many thanks to the Nizhny Novgorod fans. I said this before, and I say it now. Thank you for your support throughout the game.

– How was the adjsutment at Neftekhimik?
– The adjsutment was good. I was on the team with some of the guys. We have crossed paths with Dolganov before. We used to play on the same team with Tikhomirov.

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