Kirill Urakov: «The main thing is to play with a cool head»


Neftekhimik forward Kirill Urakov speaks with the media after a following 4–2 win over Lada.

– We played a good game. In terms of goals scored, it was interesting to the fans. Yes, we were under pressure in the third, but that happens. We must always play to the very end.

– In a month, Lada and your team played four games. Are you tired of playing with the same opponent?
– No. Both team got to know each other better in terms of the game system and in some ways this makes it even more difficult to play.

– Do not you think that this game is exactly the opposite of the one when we lost to Lada 0–2 at home? We had advantage in shots made, nonetheless, only their team scored...
– It is good that we managed to score two more goals than our opponents.

 There was a nervous third perod. Did you believe in victory early or was it a coincidence?
  It was a coincidence. We did not stop playing, it is just that the opponent managed to score two goals. These also happen. The main thing is to play with a cool head until the very end.

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