Nail Yakupov: «We will try to do our best»


Neftekhimik forward Nail Yakupov speaks with the media after a following 1–5 loss against Avangard.

– We conceded first and second goals due mistakes we made. After that, we scored and got too much penalties. Avangard have a great power play unit.

– How would you rate the way your line played?

– We are trying and working. Somewhere we help each other. The season has begun and we have gone too far down in the standings. You know, with every game we lose, it will be harder for us to move up in the stands.

– After your shot, the puck hit the crossbar.

– It is good when you have any kind of goal-scoring chance. It is bad if you do not have these chances.

– Do you have any idea how to change situation in the standings?

– Life goes on. Everything depends only on ourselves. We will try to do our best and everything will be fine.

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