Oleg Leontyev: «Probably, we did not have enough patience to get a win»


Neftekhimik head coach Oleg Leontyev speaks with the media after a following 3–4 SO loss against Avangard.

– That was quite intensive game. We had a good start and took the lead. In the third period, the penalties we took let us down. The opponent took advantage of it. Probably, we did not have enough patience to get a win.

In overtime, we did a good job playing 3-on-4 hockey. Unfortunately, we did not succeed in SO. Sure, there are good thing in the way we played. We get these penalties and everything will be fine.

– In the third period, your team changed its goaltender. It seemed that he was okay.

– In such cases, everything happens by intuition. Like great coaches of the past said – instinct tells.

– For the second game in a row, your team had a lead and lost in the third. Is there any connection between these two games?

– First of all, there is lack of patience. We got penalty for the puck out of bounds and the opponent scored on the power play. We need to have patience and not take penalties. We played against top teams that do not forgive mistakes.

You need to take advantage of goal-scoring chances and play well defensively.

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