Pavel Poryadin about KHL ALL-STAR GAME


Our forward Pavel Poryadin took part in the KHL All-Star Game in Moscow. Pavel shared with his impressions. 

 - Pavel, it is great that you was invited to KHL All-Star Game. There was an atmosphere of hockey and holiday, what did you learn for yourself?  

- It was quite a new experience. Thanks to the KHL for inviting me to this hockey holiday. I hope that new impressions will help me in upcoming games for "Neftekhimik"  

- You took part in the first competition of the show "fastest skater".

-Yes, in fact, it is not easy to win this competition. You should know how to move around circles. I did not know and put my leg on gas. That is why I did not show the best time. 


- Who was rooting for you at the "All-stars game"?

- My wife, parents, and friends were rooting. As well as our mascots – "wolf" and "astronaut". 

- How it was to play with Danis Zaripov & Co?

- It is honor to be in the same team with Danis Zaripov. It was amazing. When you watch "All-Star game" on TV, you think, I would show ... At the same time, it is hard to make it on ice. 

- A lot fans were supporting Kharlamov’s division. Your team got a led in both games. Nevertheless, your team lost.

- Well, it happened. Perhaps were relaxed at some point.

- Was there match-fixing?

- No! (Laughing) Everything was real. We did not score, our opponent scored.

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