Pavel Poryadin: «We will work on our mistakes»


Pavel Poryadin speak with the media following Neftekhimik' 2-3 shootout loss against Ak Bars on 11/28/21.

Pavel Poryadin:

- It was a good game, which kept in suspense players as well as fans. We tried to do our best but we lost. I think that the whole team played great. Games like this one are good for us in terms of experience. We will work on our mistakes. We will play second game against Ak Bars soon and we will try to win. We played nearly the half of the season and every point counts.

- Pavel, you said that the team tried to do its best today. Your team have will play upcoming games every other day. Is the team ready for these games?

- You have to spend you energy right. Perhaps, here emotinos are the main thing. Sure, there is a certain devastation after game like this one. We need a day or two to practice and play some hockey between our lines in order to prepare our emotions for the game. At the same time, as I said before, we played good hockey today.

- The team looked great for two periods. Neftekhimik took a 2-goal lead. In the third period, everything has changed...

- Psychology is such a thing that affects the players. If you conceded one goal, you try to keep your advantage. And as a result, it always backfires...

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