Postgame comments of Jonas Enlund


- Our team took a lead. We scored 3 pucks. Nevertheless, in the third period "Traktor" tied the game. Could you tell, what happened?

- We were leading 3-0 before last period. First 10 minutes it was ok. They scored 1 goal and then we stop playing. I do not know. Embarrassing.

- In this game we saw many penalties. What was the reason?

- I do not know, sometimes penalties are coming. Today power play and pk was also good. That was not problem tonight.

- Our team played great 5 on 3 two times, players were focused on the game. Perhaps, in the third period our team was not focused on the game as it was before.

- Like I Said, we stopped playing, we did not hold the puck anymore and "Traktor" was coming all the time.

-  You scored 2 amazing pucks. Nevertheless, our team lost. Are you frustrated?

-  Of course, it is nice to score. However, the main thing is to win. We had two really good periods and then we just lost game. It is embarrassing.

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