Press Conference «Neftekhimik – Barys» 10/23/2022


Press Conference «Neftekhimik – Barys» 10/23/2022

Oleg Leontyev, the head coach of HC Neftekhimik:

– We were preparing for this close game. Barys is our opponent for the playoffs. At times, it was hard for us, especially when their first line was on the ice. Our guys did their best, fans supported us a lot. Overall, we played great, even though Barys cut our lead at the end. Sasha Sudnitsin played great; he kept us in the game. Congratulations to all our fans and our team on a victory!

– Could you rate the way Shinkaruk and Khokhlov played today?

– Hunter has been working with us for only three days; he has not had games played for a long time. In this way, he played with confidence. When a hockey player comes with no games played, without preseason camp, and plays his first game in such a short period of time – it is not easy. Team chemistry and other key elements will be find come and everything will be fine.

Khokhlov is a good defenseman. I know him for eight years. I am very happy that he joined our team.

Andrei Skabelka, the head coach of HC Barys:

– We did not play the way we should. We had chances to get a win today. When you play good defensively, you know, blocking shots, with pressure and forecheck, you will get what you deserve. It was second game in a row we did not do that. We will prepare for the next games.

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