Press Conference «Neftekhimik – SKA» 11/19/2022


Press Conference «Neftekhimik – SKA» 11/19/2022

Oleg Leontyev, the head coach of HC Neftekhimik:

– There was a great atmosphere at the stands! The guys did a good job and the guys showed their fighting qualities, especially in the end of the game. Nevertheless, we have something to work on.

– In the second period, Sidorov had a great goal-scoring chance. Why he did not make a shot?

– He has to make shots. I also asked him. He answered something. I did not hear that because it was so loud there.

Roman Rotenberg, the head coach of HC SKA:

– The guys fought as hard as they could. It was a good game. Neftekhimik is a strong, fast and young team. It was obvious that there will be a high-paced game. We knew that they would take advantage of our mistakes. We made two mistakes. We will work on our mistakes.

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