Press conference «Salavat Yulaev – Neftekhimik »

Oleg Leontyev, the head coach of HC Neftekhimik:

– We had an agreement to play here in Ufa against Salavat Yulaev. It’s kind of preparation for the playoffs. After this, we will take part in tournament in Kazan. We've had a training camp. Today we saw a fast-paced hockey. We played well despite the fact that we lost. Anyway, it was good for us because it helps us to be ready for the playoffs.

– Could you tell us, what is the best way to play these exhibition games? What rival is better to play against? Your team have four upcoming road games. Neftekhimik will play first playoffs on the road too. Is it a coincidence?

– We've got it that way. No matter where these games take place, we need to play these games. As usual, in the regular season there are 8-9 games per month, and here we will have six games. The most important thing is the way we play against other teams.

– What can you say about opponets lineup?

– I think that it is better for us to play against strong teams.

– Neftekhimik did not score, is it connected with the training camp?

– I guess that it is. Perhaps the arms and legs are tired, but we had severel chances to score on the power play. The main thing is to score in official games.

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