Press conference «Traktor – Neftekhimik»

Oleg Leontyev, the head coach of HC Neftekhimik:
– The guys blocked tons of shots and played with commitment. In the second period we got too many penalties. We let Traktor to play 8 minutes on the power play, fortunately, our special units did a great job. We blocked shots in a right way in compare with the last game. In the third period, we had good scoring chances, hit the post twice, and were a bit unlucky. I am sure that at home we will succesed.
– For the second game in a row, your team got a lot of penalties. What is the reason? Or is it a lack of discipline?
– We work on our mistakes everyday. We have a disciplined team. In the regular season we got less penalties, apparently something has changed.
– What will your coaching staff do in order to get first playoff win?
– First of all, we have to use our goal-scoring chances near their net. Also, we should not get any penalties. It is clear that Traktor's have a good power play units. We will focus on this and strengthen our discipline. In the third period we did not get any penalties and as a result, in was an equal game.

– In compare with first game, Frans Tuohimaa and Ronald Knot are out of the lineup.
– Knot has an injury. We believe in Ozolin too.
Anvar Gatiyatulin, the head coach of HC Traktor:
– It was a tough game. We knew that the opponent would be preparing for the game. It was a hard-battled game. We are happy to win. I would like to thank our team. Our guys did a great job.

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