Reaktor players visited the creative festival «Together we can do more!»


Reaktor players Andrey Eryomenko, Timofei Urakov and Dmitry Semenyonok and Neftekhimik mascots visited the creative festival «Together we can do more!».

Special children – finalists of the city competition – read poems, sang songs and danced.

Reaktor players presented a gift from the Neftekhimik hockey club – sports equipment certificate for children with special needs of kindergarten No. 75.

«Children with disabilities are good guys. We were able to talk with them. We would like to thank you for inviting us» – said Andrei Eryomenko.

«All the children are talented, cheerful and friendly!» – said Timofei Urakov.

«Special thanks to the management of the hockey club and Neftekhimik team for your support and help. We would like to say thank you to Reaktor team for coming to our holiday. We visit Reaktor and Neftekhimik games. This sports equipment certificate will help us to buy all the necessary equipment for special children» – said the head of kindergarten No. 75, Lyubov Ergert.

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