Sergei Kuptsov: «Travelling by car is something special»


Sergei Kuptsov talks about his trip around Russia.

– You know, travelling by car is something special. We made it together – my wife, my son and I. He just turned 5 years old. This time we started right from Nizhnekamsk as soon as we finished practice. First, we went to Moscow, then to Rostov-na-Donu (Rostov-on-Don). We spend a day or two in each city. On the way, we stopped in Tula. It is a very interesting city. In general, we look at our country. Traveling by car is much more interesting. You will never experience this on an airplane.

– We plan to stay in Anapa until the beginning of June. I rent a house, so we travel to the nearest places by car.

– Near Anapa there is such a place Su-Psekh. In this village, there is a staircase of 800 steps leading to the sea. This is a good cardio workout.

– Last year, we also traveled by car from Anapa to the Crimea, and this year we decided to have a trip to Gelendzhik. There are also plans to go to the mountains. Everything is nearby.

– It is too early to swim. I think it will be possible by the end of May. Sure, I swam. Water is about 12-14 degrees. It is great to swim after the banya (steam bath). In addition, I keep doing workouts. The son is growing up. I'm already training him.

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