Victory Game 06.05.2024


The silence of the off–season at the Neftekhim Arena was interrupted by our traditional Victory Game. For the 10th year in a row, a variety of hockey players has been gathering for a game on the eve of this significant holiday. Professionals and amateurs, young hockey players and hockey veterans on the same ice!

The coaches of our youth sports school Rustam Nugumanov, Evgeny Eryomenko, Alexei Zakharov, Artur Sarvarov, Dinar Khairullov, Roman Vafin, Sergei Popov, Sergei Kasymov took part in the game. Reaktor team was represented by Marsel Murtazin, Igor Borodinov and Kirill Stolyarov. A student of the Neftekhimik Hockey School, Amir Nugmanov, who won the Kharlamov Cup this year, also took part in the game.

The net of the veteran team was defended by the DirectorGeneral of HC Neftekhimik Igor Larionov:
– The Victory Game is our gift to the city, a tribute to the memory of fathers, grandfathers, and grandmothers who forged Victory in the rear and at the front. One of my grandfathers was a signalman in the war, reached Königsberg, and ended the war on the Eastern Front. Another grandfather, from the age of 14, worked in Izhevsk at a factory, sharpened shells, worked 16–18 hours to bring our Victory closer.
The Wolves of Neftekhim team was represented by employees of Sibur–NKNKh.

Evgeny Ryabov, leading specialist in social development of the Nizhnekamskneftekhim trade union organization:
– We haven not missed the game for the Great Victory Day for so many years in a row, we always take part. A friendly game, the main thing is to play good hockey, score as many goals as possible, the audience get good emotions, and arrange a good sports festival.

Neftekhimik's mascot the Wolf, or in ordinary life Roman Bylinkin, joined the Neftekhim Wolves:
– I am sure it will be fun. The wolf must always be the best, you cannot give up. In the game I will be able to find best chemistry with our team even better. We are one big flock!

This game was kind of a real hockey game with plenty of goals. The game consisted of the skill of experienced players and the excitement of young people.

During regular time there was no winner of the game, the game ended with a 6–6 score. The game–winning goals won scored by Artur Sarvarov – shootout. Today, sports luck was on the side of the Nizhnekamsk hockey veterans.

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