Vladislav Rukhlyadev: «The main thing is to draw conclusions, work on your mistakes and move forward.»


Reaktor player Vladislav Rukhlyadev speaks about signing contract, goaltending practices and his typical day.

– Vladislav, how did you find out about moving to Nizhnekamsk?

– At first, I practiced with the team. The head coach of the Reaktor Igor Fyodorov called me and said that they want to sign contract. For the first couple of minutes, I had no idea what had happened. «I don’t see a smile on your face.» - Igor Fyodorov said after that. He wished me good luck.

I told my family, my relatives were so happy. My school coaches Sergei Kasymov and Rodion Gafurov wished me best of luck and successful season. They told me to be purposeful and work hard. I could not make it to the JHL without them.

– You played your first exhibition game against Tolpar team. What are your impressions?

– Youth hockey is different from children's hockey in terms of speed, in terms of shots. I think we have work to do. Before the debut, of course, I was worried despite the fact that it was just an exhibition game. It is a pity that the team lost this game. I tried not to think about mistakes. The main thing is to draw conclusions, work on your mistakes and move forward.

– What are the peculiarities of the practices of goaltenders?

– Our training plan is different from the main team (Neftekhimik). It is a different preparation in compare with field players. Everyone says that our main task is to catch a puck. There should be good skating skills, stickhandling, so your head is working every time; all attention is focused on the puck. Anton Kislitsyn, Reaktor goaltending coach, he is a real professional; he is doing a great job in terms of preparing for the season.

– Could you describe your typical day?

– The most important thing is to have a good breakfast before practice in order to get carbohydrates. As you know, I am from Nizhnekamsk, I live at home, and that is why my mother takes care of it. About goaltending practices, It is the separate sessions from other players with the goalie coach, before and after practice, that are important. After on ice practice, we go to the gym, working on physical condition and after that stretching. Then we have a team lunch. It is important to have a rest and recovery between workouts. In the evening, you should rest without phone or in front of the TV. It is better to have a walk. A year ago I graduated from the 9th grade, went to the Polytechnic College, in order to become a mechanic. Education is still important thing. You have to keep up with everything: both study and play. Sometimes I have to skip some lessons that is why I take additional tasks to do. I just have no time for hobbies.

– You are on the first step on your hockey career. Do you have any idol in sports?

– Yes, it is NHL goaltender Sergei Bobrovsky. I often watch his games. He is a great role model for me. You know, for goaltenders, luck does not mean anything and does not matter anything. You need to move quickly and have great skills. If you made a mistake in positioning, there is a chance that you concede a goal.

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