Vyacheslav Butsayev and Ilya Vorobyov summed up the outcome of the game


Vyacheslav Butsayev, the head coach of HC "Neftekhimik":

- Congratulations to "Metallurg" on a victory, they also got a place in the playoffs. Individual skills helped to our opponent. We scored at the end of the third period and in the next shift we missed the third goal.


- Your team still have chances to get into the playoffs. "Neftekhimik" will play 3 away games. Is the team ready for upcoming games?

- You asked an interesting question. We have to be ready for upcoming games anyway.


Ilya Vorobyov, the head coach of HC "Metallurg":

- We played well enough, defensively and offensively. Congratulations to my team!

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