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Dear friends, today almost every family with a sense of pride and words of gratitude remembers their relatives and friends who fought on the fronts of the Great Patriotic War and home front workers who made a great contribution to the cause of the great Victory. The DirectorGeneral of the Neftekhimik Hockey Club, Igor Viktorovich Larionov, and Neftekhimik goaltender Artyom Zagidulin, shared the stories of their relatives.

Larionov I.V.:
My grandfather, Nikolai Ivanovich Kolesnikov, born 08/13/1927. He lived in the Mozhginsky district of Udmurtia in the village of Pychas. Nikolai Kolesnikov met the war at the age of 14. He worked throughout the war at the Izhevsk Mechanical Plant and the Izhmash Plant, like thousands of teenagers, replacing men who went to the front. They worked in 16-hour shifts, slept right there in the workshops on wooden flooring, because every shell for the front was worth its weight in gold. Sometimes they had to work in the open air. Many military factories were evacuated to Izhevsk, first of all they installed equipment and started production, and then erected buildings.

For work they gave a whole quarter of a loaf of bread. Nikolai Ivanovich managed from this modest ration not only to feed his relatives in Izhevsk, but also sent some food to his parents in the village. Despite all the hardships, working at military factories was considered honorable for teenagers, because everyone was united by one goal –- victory over fascism!
It is clear that the hardest work, hunger, and harsh conditions could not but affect their health. My grandfather died in 1981, aged just 54.

My second grandfather, Evdokim Vladimirovich Larionov, born July 15, 1909. born in Yelabuga district, Kazyli village. He was mobilized on December 5, 1941. He spent the entire war on the front line as a signalman, with the rank of guard corporal. I remember my grandfather’s war stories as retold by my father. He often said that what is shown in films as feats was commonplace for signalmen at the front: they held the bare ends of the telephone line with their teeth, and passed current through themselves when the length of the wire was not enough. After being wounded, my grandfather refused to be commissioned and ended the war on the Western Front as a driver of a front-line vehicle; on May 9 he was in Koenigsberg. After the surrender of Germany, he was transferred to the Eastern Front. The war ended for him only on November 3, 1945 after the victory over Japan.

Evdokim Vladimirovich died on September 8, 1972.

Zagidullin Artyom:

My great-grandfather, Shaikhiev Ibragim Shakhievich.

Born in 1915 in the village of Erikla, Nurlatsky district. He was married to Fakhira Minikhanovna. The family had three children. My grandmother Fariza Ibragimovna (born in 1940) was the second child in the family. Ibrahim Shakhievich went through the war against Finland. He was drafted into the Great Patriotic War in August 1941 into the 120th Tatar Rifle Division. Served as a squad commander, rank – sergeant. Ibragim Shaikhiev fought at Stalingrad. He was injured. In 1942, after being discharged from the hospital, he participated in fierce battles north–west of Stalingrad, near the village of Erzovka (September – October 1942).

In 1942, my great-grandmother received a notice that my great-grandfather had gone missing. Until 2018, our family had no information about his burial. His badge and the remains of his body were found in the Volgograd region in the village of Erzovka. He was buried in a mass grave, his name appears on the general list of the dead.

We remember all the heroes and those who worked on the rear, supporting the front. Their dedication and courage will never be forgotten!

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