KHL lesson for 2000 school students!


2,000 primary school students visited Neftekhim Arena from Nizhnekamsk schools for the KHL Lesson.

Neftekhimik players, the  coaching staff and Neftekhimik mascot welcomed all the children.

“Today you probably have the most interesting lesson – the KHL lesson. In this lesson you will learn a lot of new and interesting things about hockey. Our team will play the most important and decisive games of this season. Our team is battling for making playoffs. We really need your support. We are waiting for you all at home games,” said Neftekhimik Director General Igor Larionov.

The guys greeted the team, watched a cartoon about hockey, learnt more about hockey equipment, and promised to always support Neftekhimik. There is no doubt about it. A new generation of team fans is growing up!

“It was great, I love watching hockey on TV with my parents, and now I will definitely come here to the arena and cheer for our Neftekhimik ,” said school No. 31 student Emil Shigapov.

“Our team is great! All the kids received gifts. Here is a great atmosphere!”, said Guzel Yusupova, class teacher of school No. 31.

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