Oleg Leontyev: «We played well and took advantage of goal-scoring chances we had»


Neftekhimik Head Coach Oleg Leontyev speaks with the media after a following 4–0 win over Amur.

– We played against direct opponent for playoff spot. Moreover, we had a short series without points and it was an important game for us. We played well and took advantage of goal-scoring chances we had. Filipp kept us in the game; the guys blocked tons of shots. That is great that we got two points. Neftekhimik fans cheered for us and that was unbelievable. Sure, we made some mistakes during this game; the main thing is that we got two points. We will prepare for the next game.

– Like you said, Dolganov had a shutout, Bryukvin finally scored at home and Nail Yakupov scored from the same position for the second game in a row. Are these things connected in some way?

– If there is a time and space, you need to take advantage of it.

– On the one hand, the PK unit did a great job, on the other hand the Power Play unit did not score.

– During power play, you need to shoot. After that, you will get success. We will work on it.

– Ilya Pastukhov made his debut, how would you rate his first game?

– Ilya is a young, I know what he is capable of. A player always has a chance to be a leading defenseman and get more on-ice time. Everything depends on him. We hope that he will help our team.


Amur Head Coach, Andrei Martemyanov:

– As we expected, Neftekhimik had a good start. We missed two quick goals. Our team tried to do its best. Over the last two games, our forwards scored zero goals. It is impossible to win without scoring goals. We really tried to score. Neftekhimik goaltender played well.

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