Raul Yakupov: «We took advantage of our goal–scoring chances»


Raul Yakupov speaks with the media after a following 7–1 win over Sputnik.

– It seemed that this game was an easy one for Reaktor. Is it right?
– In fact, this game was not an easy one. We took advantage of our goal–scoring chances, our goaltender kept us in the game.

– After a losing streak, the team got a long–awaited victory. What do you feel?
–  Of course, it is nice to break a losing–streak. We are preparing for the next three games against Sputnik.

– There are still 3 games against Sputnik. After this huge win, now the main thing is probably not to relax. How do you think?
– You are quite right. The main thing is not to relax, get ready, have a good mood for the next games.

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