Artyom Serikov: «Our goaltender kept us in the game»


Neftekhimik defenseman Artyom Serikov speaks with the media after a following 2–1 overtime win against Avangard.

– It was a great game. We agreed with the guys to play better defensively. Fortunately, we played well offensively too. Our goaltender kept us in the game.

– You tried to score an empty net goal. Was it a risky play?

– If we talk about this as a team play, there was no need to shoot. I was in the center of the ice and looked at the net. I was in a rush a little bit.

– This overtime looked like a completely different game in compare with today’s game. How would you rate the way goaltender Dolganov played?

– Filipp kept us in the game. He did a great job.

– In some games, your team conceded 4-5 goals in other games 1 or two. Why?

– You know, a lot of guys left the team, a lot of new ones joined the team. We are trying to be a close-knit team.

– Your team will play its next game against Barys. How do you feel about that 0–8 loss?

– It happens. We won our first game of the home series and we are not going stop this winning streak.

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