Postgame comments of Pavel Kulikov


- Pavel, could you comment on today’s game?

- It was a hard game. We analyzed the opponent, the way they play. Two periods we were waiting. In the third period we tied the game, nevertheless they took a lead.

- It seemed that team prepared well in terms of tactics, as a result, the team did a few mistakes. Unfortunately, unnesessary penalties got our team in the third period.

 - "Salavat Yulaev" is a good team. We watched the way they started their attacks. Somewhere we did our best; somewhere did not.

- Did they change their tactic?

- Yes, of course, each team is trying to change something, if it does not work out. We did the same. We practiced some combinations. 

- Did you pay a special attention on Nikita Soshnikov?

- No, we did not pay special attention on him. We tried to play attentively.

- A lot of changes in the lines due to injured guys. Is there some bad chemistry between players?

- Maybe, you are right. When people play together for some time, it is possible to play with no eye contact.

In principle, we play in one tactic. The guys are ready to play with each other. Of course it's a pity that few guys missed games due to injuries.

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