Andrei Belozyorov: «We played well defensively and offensively»


Neftekhimik forward Andrei Belozyorov speaks with the media after a following 2–1 win against SKA.

– It was an interesting game. We played well defensively. The whole team executed the coaching staff’s task. Andrei Tikhomirov played great and kept us in the game.

– How was the atmosphere in the stands?

– Our fans always support us well. We appreciate it.

– In the third period, we did not capitalize on the power play. Fortunately, we managed to score a shorthanded goal...

– We supported each other all the time. That is great that we managed to score a shorty.

– Your linemates Andrei Chivilyov and Mikhail Nazarov did not play today. What can you say about new linemates?

– We should all be able to play with each other. There is nothing special. Of course, we did not play perfectly. After all, we practiced only once together. In general, I think that we played well defensively and offensively.

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