Igor Fyodorov: «I believe that we will play better»


Reaktor head coach Igor Fyodorov speaks with the media after a following 4–6 loss against Ladya.

– We played against strong team. They got players from Traktor, Spartak, two forwards from Novokuznetsk. It is what it is.

– The team had a two-goal advantage. What happened after?

– Some players did not play the way we asked. I do not want to blame anyone. I believe that we will play better.

– That was an intensive game. Both teams got plenty of penalties.

– There were bad words from an opposing team. We had to stand up for ourselves.

– There are two upcoming games. Will you make any changes in the roster?

– There will be changes. Those who play for the team and do their best will play. We have one task – win as much as possible.

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