Ildar Shiksatdarov gave a brief postgame comment


- It was a good game. "Lokomotiv" is a fast team. We are trying to get into playoffs. We are glad that we got 2 points.

- It seemed that "Neftekhimik" was not focused on the game after getting 2 goals lead.

 - I think that we calmed down a bit. Moreover, a team like "Lokomotiv" does not forgive such mistakes. They tied the game quckly.

- Nevertheless, "Neftekhimik" woke up and showed a good and fast hockey…

- We talked during the intermission, our coaches told us to be faster and more focused in order to win. We did it and won.

- How did you score the third puck?

- There was a recochate and after rebound, I scored. I wanted to go on the bench but noticed the puck infront of the net. Just kidding! We were 3 on 2. Murphy hit the goalpost and I put the puck into the net.

-We see not the first time how you skating behind the net and shooting…

- I tried to score! I will work on it more!

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