Jacob Berglund: "I’m a little bit more comfortable at center"


Jacob Berglund joined "Neftekhimik" in the middle of October. He is one of the top scorers of the team ((8+3) points in 15 games).

- You moved to "Neftekhimik" during the season and easily fit in to the team. Did you have any problems with acclimatization?

- No, everyone were really nice and made me feel welcome right away so it was easy.


- You made your debut in the KHL in "Dinamo" Riga. After 8 games you left the team. What was the reason for it?

- Yeah that’s a good question! I never really got an explanation but I guess I didn’t think I fit in to their style of play.


- In the German ice hockey league you earn 52 points in 50 games and was a league's top scorer. How did you achieve these stats?

- Well, I played with some really good players, and I had very good confidence in my game and managed to play solid the whole year I think.


- In "Neftekhimik" everything is going well too: in 14 games you reached 9 points. Also in the last games, you looked cool. What did you change?

- I don’t know if I have changed anything really! But I get to play a lot and that helps the confidence. And I’m playing center instead off forward now so that helps cause I’m a little bit more comfortable at center.


- You started your career in Sweden, and then you went to Canada. Why did you come back? What did not work out?

- Yes. I went to Canada to play junior hockey when I was 17 and I had 2 fun years there. But when I was 19 I wanted to play senior hockey and I wasn’t good enough to play inte NHL or AHL so I went back to Sweden to play there.


- Then you had experience in playing in GET and Swiss leagues. With which of teams did you become the champion?

- Yes, I played in both Norway and Switzerland but it was in Norway. I won the championship with "Storhamar".


- Before that, you did not play in Russia. Was you afraid of going to Russia? Nizhnekamsk is a small city…

- Not really! I’ve been playing in a lot of different countries and I’ve always had a good experience so I figured Nizhnekamsk would be the same.
The hockey is obviously better then the other leagues but outside the hockey I always find a way to be happy.


- Did you know any player before playing in the KHL?

- I knew a couple of Swedish guys in the league, yes.


- Another one question. Did you know Matt White before "Neftekhimik"? He played in Germany at the same time when you was there.

- I didn’t know him but I knew who he was! I played against him last year so I knew what a good player he is.


- You played in Canada. Do you want to come back to the Canada?

- I liked it there and you should never say never but right now I’m only focused on, and happy playing in Russia! 


- Your parents came to the game against "Spartak". Did it help to get some energy before the game?

- I don’t know if it helped with the energy but it’s always nice to see my family!


- Did your family visit games more often when you played in Europe?

- Yes, I have been very fortunate that my family has had the time and the desire to visit me everywhere I have played. 


- Do you plan to move the family to Russia? If you will continue to play in the KHL.

- That’s a good question! We haven’t talked about it yet but that is a real possibility yes! It’s tough to be without my family!


- How do you spend time between practice and games?

- I guess that’s different for everybody but I try to rest and eat so I’m ready both mentally and physically for the games!


- Could you describe your day off in Nizhnekamsk? Maybe you get together with your teammates?

- It’s not much different than any other day! I sleep a bit longer, then I maybe go to lunch with some of the guys of the team. Then it’s pretty much same as always I rest and try to take care off myself so I’m ready for the next games!

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