Marat Khairullin:«We need to win every game and get points»


Marat Khairullin:

- It was a good game. We had some advantage in terms of movement and shooting. Therefore, we managed to win. 

- Could you comment on your game-winning goal?

- I saw that Hudacek got the puck and I decided to stay at slot. There was no one and I used this chance.

- Your team's losing-streak started after the game against «Dinamo» Minsk. Was there any motivation to stop this losing –streak in today’s game against «Dinamo» Minsk?

- We need to win every game and get points. The main thing is to win.

- What your thoughts about 2020 and what would you like to wish to our fans in 2021?

- We have some problems. We would like to move up in the standings. I wish the fans health, good luck and happiness.

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