«Neftekhimik» players and «Neftekhimik» fan club have...


«Neftekhimik» players and «Neftekhimik» fan club have visited the Marksman Indoor Range.

Alexei Volgin, Vladimir Galuzin, Pavel Poryadin, Ildar Shiksatdarov, Alexander Bryntsev, Evgeny Ivannikov, Andrei Chivilev, Daniel Butsayev and members of «Neftekhimik» fan club tried to find out who is the best shooter of the event. Our forward Andrei Chivilev got 63 points - the best result among hockey players. Aidar Sabirov from «Neftekhimik» fan club got 66 points.

Ildar Shiksatdarov was excited to spend time like that:
- We came here after practice. That was awesome! We spent a great time with our fans!

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