Neftekhimik players and Reaktor players visited «Nadezhda» Center


On September 21, players of Neftekhimik and Reaktor hockey teams visited children with special needs from «Nadezhda» Center. 

Our players also congratulated «Nadezhda» Center on an anniversary – 30 years!

The players of HC Neftekhimik Ansel Galimov and Vladislav Shutov, JHC Reaktor - Georgy Sitnikov and Semyon Rudenko were part of this event. The children greeted the hockey players. Our players, on behalf of HC Neftekhimik and JHC Reaktor, congratulated the children and the teaching staff on the anniversary and presented a gift card for the purchase of sports equipment and other gifts.

The director of the «Nadezhda» Center Nina Bukhanova thanked the HC Neftekhimik and JHC Reaktor for the visit, for the gifts, but most importantly - for the attention.

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