Nikita Khoruzhev: «We did our best and got a win»


Reaktor forward Nikita Khoruzhev speaks with the media after a following 5–4 win over Loko-76.

– For Maxim and me it was a hard at the beginning because we arrived only today. We were lucky that Dmitry Semenyonok scored the first goal. This goal gave us confidence. The opposing team did not want to lose. We did our best and got a win.

– You are leaders of teams. There are plenty of expectations from you.

– There is a certain responsibility and we deal with it.

– After your VHL experience, are there any differences emotionally?

– No, it is still the same game. Here I have more on-ice time. Moreover, Raul Yakupov, Maxim Ustimkin and I played together a lot during childhood time.

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