Mikhail Kravets, the head coach of "Vityaz":

- It was a tough game. We knew that it was a second game for "Neftekhimik" without day off, we had to use it. 
It was clear that we should be focused on the game from the first minutes. All four lines tried to their best according to our tactic.
 We have many young guys, for someoneit is a first season with so many games that is why there are some mistakes. It was necessary to win today. Our goaltender made good saves. Today is his birthday.
I would like to congratulate us on this victory. 

Vyacheslav Butsayev, the head coach of "Neftekhimik":
- Congratulations to "Vityaz" on this victory. That is right that Mikhail Kravets said – It was necessary to be focused on the game from the first minutes. 
We gave to our opponent many gifts. 
We had a chance in the third period. Nevertheless, our opponent played well in defense, their goaltender made good saves. As I said before, we should be more focused on the game. Especially if we want to reach playoffs.

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