Oleg Leontyev, the head coach of HC Neftekhimik:

- Our team had a great game; unfortunately, we did not score today. We had quite a lot of goal-scoring chances and plenty power play opportunities. The team tried to do its best. Everyone worked hard, everyone played great and nevertheless, we did not get any points.

- After today’s defeat, fans are talking about getting Dan Sexton and Libor Hudacek back to the lineup…

- We will see. Sure, we will make some changes. We have some expectations from our leaders. They will come back and the time will show how everything is going on. As I said before, we had a lot of chances to score.

- You are a former hockey player. In your opinion, what kind of lack in offensive zone did our team have today?

- Probably, we had to be trickier and had to use our skills. The opponent's goaltender played well.

- Perhaps, the team had a lack of emotions today?

- I do not think so. Our bench was charged enough. We already talked with the guys after the game. It clear that the team is worried about the outcome of the game, but it is okay, it happens sometime. There are no weak teams in the league. It is kind of unpredictability, for example,Traktor lost to Dinamo Minsk 0-5 today.

Evgeny Stavrovsky, the head coach of HC Sochi:

- It's was a hard game for us. Our goaltender kept us in the game. I am thankful to our team guys. We fought to the very end.

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