Oleg Leontyev, the head coach of HC Neftekhimik:
- We got back into the game after 0-2. The guys did not give up and played to the very end. Our team had a chance to finish the game in the regular time. Unfortunately, we were not lucky enough in the OT.

- Today, Dan Sexton and Libor Hudacek are in the lineup. Could you rate their game?
- Dan played well. He scored 1 point and had good scoring-chances on the power play. About Libor, everything is more complicated ... There will be some conclusions. You will find out everything in the near future.

- What prevented the team from winning the game at the last minutes of the game when Neftekhimik got a power play?
- We had a lack of composure and skill. There were chances, but ... We are working on our power play. I am sure that everything will be fine.
Boris Mironov, the head coach of HC Spartak:
- It was a very good game. We started the first period well, and in the second, Neftekhimik tied the game. Our penalties did not help us but I am thankful to our specials units. Congratulations to all Spartak fans on the victory!

- Was it comfortable for you to return to Nizhnekamsk, where you worked for a 1.5 season?
- It is always nice to return to the city where you worked. There are friends. However, first of all, we came here to do our job. Sure, I talked with friends and colleagues.

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