Vyacheslav Butsayev: «Our team fought to the very end»


Igor Larionov, the director of HC «Neftekhimik»:

Tough start of the season and and gaining experience

The KHL regular championship for «Neftekhimik», as well as for other teams was the most difficult in the 13-year history of the League. The coronavirus pandemic has made its adjustments, both in the practicing process of our team and in the team’s performance. Unfortunately, our team faced the Coronavirus too. Therefore, our youngsters from «Reaktor» - joined the team «Neftekhimik», and played some good hockey. They gained valuable experience. Nevertheless, we believe that «Neftekhimik» did a good job and went through all the difficulties.

Lessons from the past championship

Shortly, one thing can be said: sometimes you have to take a step back to move forward. As it says, there is no victory without defeat. We will use the experience of this season in upcoming season. We have a young, promising team with an average age of 24. The team has 18 players from «Neftekhimik» school.

This season 6 players of the «Neftekhimik» played on national teams. Maksim Groshev played for the national team before joining «SKA», while Marat Khairullin, Pavel Poryadin, Gleb Semyonov, Alexander Bryntsev and Rafael Bikmullin played for the Olympic team of Russia.

The main advantage of the last championship for «Neftekhimik» is experience that young players got.

Speaking about budget of the Club and economic achievements

Due to epidemiological situation (the spread of coronavirus) both in Russia and in the world, all KHL Clubs faced unforeseen difficulties. That is why «Neftekhimik»'s budget was reduced to 50% in comparison with 2019-2020 season budget.

In this way, we had to reduce our expenses for equipment, flights, accommodation, meals and (preseason) training camps. Thanks to an action plan, the budget reduction did not negatively affect the provision of the team with everything necessary to participate in the Championship (regular season), unfortunately, it influenced the roster of the team.

Last season, «Neftekhimik» was able to earn money on the transfers. For the first time in history of the club, «Nefetekhimik» received additional income in amount of 117 million rubles for the transfers and compensation in favor of the club.

I would like to express my gratitude to the management of «TAIF Group», Chairman of the Board of Directors of HC «Neftekhimik» Timur Shigabutdinov, General Director of PJSC «Nizhnekamskneftekhim» Airat Safin, who constantly help to the club.

About the head coach and upcoming transfers

The club offered a negotiation of the contract to Vyacheslav Butsayev. Libor Hudacek scored 38 points (17 goals, 21 assists). We appreciate Libor Hudacek's season. We will defenetly talk with him about new contract.


Vyacheslav Butsayev, the head coach of HC «Neftekhimik»:

It’s hard to play well without a full preseason camp

It is difficult to start the season, to play games at the good level without good preseason camp. We made our lineup more balanced on December and after that, we were on our wheels, like season before. Our team fought to the very end. Despite the all difficulties we face, I would like to thank the team and staff for their hard work.


About upcoming transfer

A lot of guys have their right to make a choice. Someone will be unrestricted free agent; other player will be restricted free agent. We will try to keep some of them in the roster.

About those who disappointed

Disappointed is not a right word. Someone have succeeded, someone have not.


Vyacheslav Kasatkin, the head coach of JHL «Reaktor»:

About the season

It was not an easy season. Unfortunately, we played only 4 games out of 56 with good lineup. It took a time to recover after illness, to gain good physical condition. We tried to find a chemistry between players. After this, someone was out of the lineup and we had to find another option.


Speaking about roster for the upcoming season

We are trying to find the best options daily. Does not matter, from Nizhnekamsk or from other cities. If they are better than our players are, then you are welcome! Do your best to be in the roster!

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