Vyacheslav Butsayev:«Our team had good goal-scoring chances»


Craig Woodcroft, the head coach of «Dinamo» Minsk:

- Our team came out today with a good start. We managed to keep our play consistent through majority of the game and did not let «Neftekhimik» to use opportunities to get back into the game. It is a good team victory for us to get back on track.  

Vyacheslav Butsayev, the head coach of «Neftekhimik»:

- Congrats to «Dinamo» on a victory. We talked with the team about the way we had to play. Unfortunately, we did not stick to our strategy and let them to score 3 goals in the first period. Our team had good goal-scoring chances in the second period. 

- Are you satisfied with the 5 on 3 and 5 on 4 game?

- «Dinamo» scored on 5 on 3 and 5 on 4 power plays. We made a mistake on the 5 on 3 game, on 5 on 4 play we were not lucky on a rebound. We played well in other PK situations and made counterattacks.

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