We are preparing for upcoming games


Our club held an open training session for the media. The head coach players answered on questions.


- Vyacheslav, what is the physical condition of the team? There are 8 games before playoffs…

- During this break because of Euro Hockey Tour we tried to prepare our team. Yesterday we had a day off. Today we are preparing for upcoming game.
Obviously, our players got a rest. In this way, the main thing for us is how motivate ourselves for upcoming games.

- "Neftekhimik" will play four home games. What is the main goal for our team?

- We should not think how many games are left. Tomorrow we will play against "Lokomotiv" and we need to be prepared. Sure, we will try to get as much points as possible.

We got what we got. In our case, the key to get into playoffs is to win each game. 

- Did you talk abot negotiation of contract?

- We should not talk about last games or about end of the season. Its is clear that in the media there are a lot of gossips. We know how to deal with it.

- Is the reaching playoffs is the main condition of negotiation of contract?

- Do you think that there is any connection between getting into playoffs and negotiation of contract? It is not quite right to talk about it right now.

- Would you like to continue work here?

- I am here. We should focus on our upcoming games.


- The first vice-president of Russian Ice Hockey Federation Roman Rotenberg praised Pavel Poryadin after Euro Hockey Tour. Did you watch games of our National team?

- Sure, I watched.

- Could give a rate of Poryadin’s game?

- Roman Rotenberg has already said about him. What can I say in addition? He got an opportunity and he used it. 

- Could you comment on physical condition of Damir, Maxim and Pavel? 

- They came back yesterday. In addition, they had a day off.

Pavel played two games; I do not think that he spend a lot of energy. Moreover, he got a good experience.

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