Joey-Christophe Muissu: «I think that we have a good team»


Reaktor forward Joey-Christophe Muissu talks about Nizhnekamsk and his first JHL goal.

– Chris, how did you start to play hockey?

– I was 4 years old. Dad thought about football, mom about swimming. We went to the football arena, it was on the right turn, and we turned left. There was a St. Petersburg Gladiator arena, on Butlerov Street.

– How did you adjust to Nizhnekamsk?

– Initially, I knew that I would leave for another city. I was hoping to receive offers, and it is great that there were a lot of them. I looked at the history of the club, the coaching staff, the players, and besides, the agent recommended me to choose Reaktor. It is great that we quickly became friends with all the guys.

– Is it difficult to live in a small city?

– I do not need much, I live in a dormitory, I play hockey and everything is great. There are no distractions from the main goal. I am studying remotely in the 11th grade.

– Is it difficult to be away from your family?

– Of course, it is not easy, but I understand that hockey is my job. I need to develop my career. I often talk with my mother and sister. We are kind of a sports family.

– Where are your parents from and what do they do for a living?

– My mother is Russian. My dad is from central Africa, originally from the Congo. He studied in St. Petersburg and became a surgeon. He Lived and worked in Russia. My mom is a nurse.

– How did you join the new team?

– At first, I was worried that it would take a long time to get used to it and get to know each other. You know, at the medical examination, when I saw all the guys for the first time, I was warmly welcomed, it was fun. When I met Reaktor head coach, he made it clear that our team is a close-knit team and that we are family. That is how we stand up for each other – on and off the ice. I think that we have a good team. I belive we will have a good result.

– You scored your first JHL goal.

– At first, I did not know that I scored. Our captain Grigory Morozov said that I scored. I was happy.

– What is your goal for future?

– The goal is to play in the KHL, after that, to play in the NHL.

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